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? reMIXstudio 38 00.jpg
1 / 11 detail of the twisting cables 線繩交織細部

paizi 38 | 排子38號

Year | 年份: 2013
Location | 地點: Beijing, China | 中國,北京
Status | 狀態: completed | 建成

Type | 類型: installation | 裝置
Program | 功能: pop-up restaurant | 臨時餐廳
Size | 規模: 400 sqm | 400 平米
Client | 業主: orchid hotel | 蘭花酒店

Team | 團隊: Chen Chen (陳忱), Federico Ruberto, Nicola Saladino, Liu Dong (劉動), Alessandro Basile, Alessandro Lezzi, Li Bing (李兵), Zhang Fazhi (張發智) 38 01_v2.jpg
2 / 11 axonometric view 軸測圖

Paizi 38 installation for the 2013 Beijing Design Week is essentially a preliminary act since the space is meant to become a new boutique hotel in the months to come.
The hotel will be grafted into the existing building through precise insertions and punctual modifications; actions that informed our controlled demolition.

排子38號,這一正在經歷演變的老建筑空間,在北京設計周后即將成為The Orchid四合院設計酒店。這個酒店將由對已有歷史建筑的精心改造而成:嚴格精確的局部拆除并注入新的功能和空間元素。 38 02.jpg
3 / 11 plan and elevation 平面及立面

The structural survey and the analysis of the existing spaces, organized in an extensive linear sequence – a quite unique feature for such building typology in this area of Beijing – were the premises of our temporary installation.

這個時空隧道穿越不同年代,不同結構,不同厚度,不同材料的墻體,試圖揭示這個古老合院的秘密。 38 04.jpg
4 / 11 wire configuration tests 線繩配置測試

An elevated wooden path, framed by twisting groups of elastic strings, guides the visitors along the derelict building to a pop-up restaurant, where the Beijing Design Week hosted the opening and closing dinner. Through the perforation of the existing walls and structures, we revealed the stratified history of the interior spaces and highlight the character of the future hotel.

穿越的路徑上則設有多個不同位置,不同高度和不同視野的觀望點,既提供給參觀者一個欣賞和理解老建筑的嶄新視角,又以身臨其境的方式講述這一老建筑注入新功能的改造構想。這些的視覺和空間的元素共同詮釋了對老建筑的一種新的探索和發現。 38 03.jpg
5 / 11 construction phases 各施工階段

The system of new portals is a succession of points of view that, previewing the new hotel internal circulation, forces the visitors into an unexpected journey, challenging his imagination and forcing him to redefine the meaning of "exploration".
The string tunnel ends in a large double-height room and branches out in a three-line lighting feature, marking and defining visually the sitting areas of the temporary restaurant.

參觀者穿越一道道由黑色線繩圍合的“哥特式”門廊,步移景異,充滿新的發現和驚喜,最終被黑色線繩導向開幕式主空間。36根線繩在通道的末端匯集在主空間的天花,后又分為三組下垂成36盞燈,成為晚宴空間的照明裝置。 38 05.jpg
6 / 11 elevated wooden path 抬高木質路徑 38 06.jpg
7 / 11 twisting cables creating a tunnel 交織線繩創造的通道 38 08_v2.jpg
8 / 11 threads details 線繩細部 38 07.jpg
9 / 11 walking through the tunnel by night 通道夜景 38 09.jpg
10 / 11 dining area 就餐區 38 11.jpg
11 / 11 Beijing Design Week opening dinner 北京設計周歡迎晚宴
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